This Week At WCA - Sunday, March 11, 2018

9:30 am. B&B for all Ages

¨   Adults: Tony Gonzalez

¨   Children: Alice Hamlin

10:30 am. Sunday Celebration Service

¨   Welcome: Pastor Jean Morgan

¨   Young Adult Group—report

¨   Worship: David & Team

¨   Message: Pastor Jean Morgan

¨   KidZone: Kris Schoening & Kids Team

5:30 pm . Youth Program

¨   Leader: Pastor Collin Finley

Monday, March 12, 2018

7:00 pm. Elders Meeting

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

6:00 am. Early Morning Prayer

7:30 pm. Young Adult Bible Study

Leading: David Gonzalez

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

6:30 pm. Light Dinner for all

7:00 pm. Bible Study/Family Night

¨   Men’s Bible Study:  Pastor Jean Morgan

¨   Women’s Bible Study: Heather Gonzalez

¨   Youth: Collin Finley

¨   Royal Rangers: (Boys—ages 5 & up) – Ken Weste, Zach Schoening, Richard Thomas

Saturday, March 17, 2018

5:00 pm. Parent’s Night Out

Mexico Mission Trip Fundraiser



New Group Starting!

Today is the start of daylight savings time—great time to start a new habit! Come to Sunday Bible Study —9:30 am—bring your Bible, get a cup of coffee,  some light breakfast and be prepared to explore the book of Ephesians and learn to enjoy life living in community as the God’s masterpiece—the church!  God made a covenant with His people and great things are in store for those that walk indwelled by the Holy Spirit—the living body of Christ in the world walking as He would walk. When we do our part, and even that with His help, it unleashes the power of God working through us!  Wow! What a way to start the week!  Tony Gonzalez will be teaching.

Elders Meeting

At our annual membership/business meeting on February 21, 2018, an amendment to change our church bylaws to allow women to serve as elders was tabled so as to consider all the ramifications—women in pastoral positions, couples serving together, etc.  The membership of the church was instructed to share their thoughts and feedback with the elders.  The elders will be meeting tomorrow, Monday, to consider this as well as other agenda items. Please let them know today what some your questions are and any comments. You have a voice in the things that affect our church.

Mission Trip Fundraiser Saturday

Next Saturday, March 17th, the young adults will be taking care of kids—all ages—for a donation.  This will benefit parents that want some quality time together, to have a date night, and—donations will go towards the Mexico Mission trip expenses.  Mission trip will be Tuesday, April 3rd through Saturday, April 7th, to a small church & orphanage in San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico.  Two churches are coming together for this and several of our young adults are going.

Easter is Coming!

Don’t make plans until after 12:00 noon!  There is a lot going for Easter:

¨     6:30 am—Sunrise Service @ Westminster Memorial Park

¨     8:00 am—Breakfast @ the Church

¨     10:00 am — Earlier than usual Celebration Service with participation from our children

More information and flyers coming soon!

Prayer Concerns

For prayer requests please fill out the back of the connection card and place in offering, leave a message at the church office phone, submit it electronically HERE, or contact Diane Letterman at

Richard’s Dad ……. Friday while at his doctor’s office for regular check up, began to have abdominal pain and throw up; was rushed by ambulance to hospital and then transferred to Hoag Hospital  and it was determined that he a stone stuck in his liver.  They did a procedure that day, through the esophagus, to try to retrieve it. Awaiting results.  Please continue to pray.

Roselia Gorgi. Is expecting to be discharged from rehab and return home this weekend.  Continue to pray for complete healing and the right persons to help at home.

Joannie (Tami Gari’s cousin) . ….rushed to hospital; on respirator; has COPD. Please pray for a miracle.

Sharon Vandeneykel….. Had sinus surgery on Tuesday.  Surgery went well, but she is sore. Praise God she has not had to take opioids and is doing okay just with over the counter meds.

Joseph’s family. …a boy’s mom from Jon Schoening’s basketball team, died on Tuesday.  It also was the boy’s 10th birthday. Kris did not know the family very well and is unsure if they are a family of faith.  Please pray for this young family: Joseph, the father, his son, Joseph, as well as a younger sister, Chloe.  May they be drawn to Jesus.

Tami Gari. Needs prayer for living situation

BJ (Tami’s Son) . had a biopsy done of growth on kidney but not enough tissue was taken.  Will be rescheduled for another biopsy.  Seeing doctor on the 8th. Awaiting news.

Anthony Pimentel (Ricardo & Rebeca’s youngest son). moving on his own closer to Fullerton College.  Pray for the move, for finding uplifting friends, and people in his life and continue to point the way to Christ.

  • Those suffering with chronic illnesses

¨   Members with serious financial and employment needs

¨   For our nation, our president, and our troops