My daughter Linda and her family, asking the Lord to release the school bonds money to pay the companies that have done work.
Since January Reggie my son in law has only received 2 pay checks.  Linda was working in office during tax season, but that’s over with now.
Loretta and Susie still need lifted up for financial needs also.
My other daughter Debbie her husband Jack has been fainting, she just found out yesterday cause it happened when she was there. (didn’t tell her cause didn’t want to worry her) going into doctors today to see what’s going on.
My girlfriend Gloria her dad is in his 90’s and she’s been out her from Arizona staying with him for months at a time. When she first starting coming out it was only a couple of weeks at a time.  Last night her dad Myron went to get up to go to bed and fell down.  Doesn’t always have the strength in his legs, and at times forgetting if he’s taking medication.
Gloria watching that, and they have a nurse that comes in and takes his vitals, and someone from hospice also.
Thank you for keeping everyone in your prayers.