Forward from Emily’s Daughter, Patty:

Dear WCA,

For those who know my mother, Emily Revard I would like to give you an update.The Dementia is increasing but she is at peace and feels safe. She is loved by the other residents and their families as well by the all the Caregivers. As they put it, she has been a blessing, she gives much joy and love to everyone around. She for the most part is very happy now.

Every Sunday, she does become a bit melancholy for the Church and her friends. She does talk about the good times she had with you all and going out to lunch. She speaks a lot of the camp and wishes she could turn the clock back.

She did mention to my sister and I that her friends no longer come visit and she wish you would. We know a few of you have visited our mom and we thank you very much. If any of you are in the area, please stop by and say hello. She may not recognize you at first or even at all but it will make her happy. The address is: 18232 E. Santa Clara Ave., North Tustin 92705.

Though, she is ready to “go home” and see my father, it’s all in God’s timing. Please continue to lift her up in your prayers.

If you like to speak with me, my cell is 714-334-4104.

God Bless to you all,