This is an update from her parents.
Just got home from the hospital. About 1:30 Karen and I were in the ICU when the respiratory specialist tested Havah’s ability to breath on her own and the oxygen in her blood. It was decided to take her off the breathing machine. PRAISE GOD!!! She is now off the sedation medicine, the IV pain medicine, and is sitting up in bed smiling and beautiful (well she was always beautiful). We were told that the swelling from the fluids would be worse today, but in fact the swelling is down. Thank all of you that have prayed for her. There is still healing to come physically (kidney functions) and emotionally. Thank all of you for the love you have shared with Karen and me. We named her Havah, meaning “Gracious Gift” and she has spent her life living up to her name. We will miss getting to know and love Elisha, but are so thankful for are grateful to God our Father for giving us Havah back.