joshAbout me:

Place of Birth: San Luis Obispo, CA

• Family Information: Wife, Leniese (together since w were 13), Noah (4 years), Maliyah (2 year)

How did I come to WCA? I came to WCA at age 13 when my parents started attending.

What is my role at WCA?  I am the Jr. High and Sr. High youth pastor. I also help with worship, playing guitar and bass.

What is my favorite part of my role here? I love getting to meet incoming youth, and show them the love of Jesus that He has for everybody no matter who they are. I get so excited seeing new faces come to WCA, and we always try to get youth involved and connected right away.

• Who is my favorite Bible character, and how do I identify with him/her? My favorite Bible character is Job, not because I feel I can relate to his circumstances, but because he shows us that we need to love our God in the midst of His blessings, and in our trials.

• Who is my favorite musical artist or group? Shane and Shane

If I could choose my last meal on earth, what would it be, and why? – I would eat Panda Express’s Orange Chicken because it’s AMAZING!

What makes me laugh? What makes me laugh is some good, healthy sarcasm.

What makes me cry? What makes me cry is when someone walks away from God’s Love and protection to follow the sinful desires the world offers.