Dear church family, as I pray so so many of you every day as you come to my mind, I’m asking for prayer and strength for a few family members and my dear friend Heather Browne and her two beautiful children and family who are in utter shock.  She just posted on facebook that her beloved husband has passed from a sudden heart attack on Friday.  She and her family are such obedient beautiful christians, shes dealt with so much grief, she is a licensed heart therapist, she comforts, prays and listens to other people and their losses and grief, now she, Sienna, and Mac, their children really need prayer as school begins and the holiday season is upon us.  I’m in utter shock.  These are the questions we’ll ask when we go to heaven why to bad things happen to good obedient people.?   They have suffered financially as her husband who is a teacher had difficulty getting a job, then Siennas car was stolen the forth of July.  If anyone loves the lord and is so strong its Heather, but this is her husband the wonderful father to her two beautiful children, please lift up their family, thank you so much.  I think Heather is only 45 her children are in high school, this is such a shock, he was so young.  Then can we all continue to pray for my Colorado family.  My cousin Bobby who is my beneficiary of my will, asked for prayer as his daughter Jaymee  is back in the hospital, pancreatic cancer, 31 years old, and Kent who is 60 and has ms is a quadriplegic , had a stroke 2 months ago, he still can’t talk. Our prayer is that he regains some speech.  My aunt Addie is just so so, and her daughter cousin Barb whos husband is military lost his job so Charles and Barb are moving from Hawaii back to Colorado springs, one of their beautiful daughters has had problems with alcohol, I’ve been encouraging them as they are great role models and don’t drink so they don’t understand.  I recommend Ric Warrens celebrate recovery 12 step bible groups for support for all family members.  Alcoholism is rampant in my family and has killed so many, . Thank you all for your continued prayers and support, love Laura , Jeremiah, and Zachary.  I love you all.  I know it gets confusing  Aunt Addie has the tree children Kent, Barb, and Bobby.  All are saved beautiful Godly bible belt believers.  God has brought us all very close after the ordeal with my moms passing.  I’m very grateful for this gift. -Laura Sell