Forward from Laura Sell:

Dear Diane and WCA church members, I will continue to pray for us all and our loved ones. i have a praise report, ” answered prayer”, it has been a rough six months with health issues, and financial problems, like so many others. I found out last sat that a possible solution to our problem was to sell our beloved home of almost 20 years. Moving can be very emotional and stressful especially thinking about it in December, one of my favorite times of the year. Also its a fragile time for both sons who are both working hard at their jobs. Anyway the great news it at least for a few more months or until we get a grip on our taxes ect. we just might be able to stay in our home, my brother called and has rented the empty apartment, thus providing much needed income. So January is looking better for us, also one of my mothers church friends needs a caregiver, so I will start that job maybe even next week. God is so great, also i’m very grateful to Erin for getting me the few part time jobs that Iv’e had the past three months allowing me to pay our home owners fire and flood insurance ect .. So thank you all so very much for the prayers and Diane ect for help with Thanksgiving and food, we are very grateful! I hope to give back this next year and my biggest prayer as i’m sure everyone else’s is that Pastor Ken have great health, and enjoy many years with his beautiful family and darling grandchildren. We’ll continue to pray for everyone who has health issues, financial and family problems, togeather we can all get through rough times. Love laura, Jeremiah, and Zachary. I wish everyone a wonderful Merry Christmas , and all of us a better new Year. If i’m not a church this sunday its because Iv’e gone to mothers church just this one sunday to be with her church circle, many of these beautiful ladies are in their 80’s. God Bless you all!