Forward from iConnect Prayer Chain:
From Laura,
Dear church family, praying for so many. Just got word my moms first cousin George who lived in long beach, has passed and gone on to be with the Lord yesterday, on Zachs birthday -gosh. Please pray for my family as well be having a much needed family reunion this next year 2014 in Nebraska.. He had 5 beautiful children , and twins. Cousin Lew and my aunt addie-93, are the last living cousins.
Could everyone please pray for my teachers beloved therapy dog gitty, he had a large tumor removed yesterday, hopefully he can come home hes 10, and they give him a few months with them. 🙁 Gitty founded the PETPRESCRIPTIONTEAM, he used to visit sick children at kaiser perm oncology wards, and nursing homes ect ect. Phil and Krystal are believers they are my age, and have no children of their own, their dogs are their life and bring so much love and comfort to so many. They are besides themselves with this sad news, and have asked for prayers. thank you all I’ll post a photo of a brochure with gitty on the front.
 Love you all love Laura and sons