Forward from Diane:

Before you read Loretta’s thank you, I just wanted to take a few minutes to express how great all of you are.
From supplying Loretta’s needs through items for her apt. and prayers that where lifted up and encouraging words for her.
She is in a beautiful new complex, her place over looks Ball Rd and she has a patio facing Ball road also.  (someone is providing a table and chairs for her patio).
While we where moving her in she asked a neighbor if we could borrow her basket to bring things up in, and the neighbor joined us in bringing things upstairs.  Her name is Sue and she gave Loretta some plastic dishes and cups to get her through last week, so with Loretta getting a abundance of house ware items, she can help Sue with a few things.
Also a couple from church had a TV that she can use in the living room, and yesterday morning I get a email from someone else that said one of her workers has a older TV but hasn’t been used that much.  So I called Loretta and had her check with her neighbor Sue to see if she can use one and she can.
I guess what I’m trying to say we reached out to bless Loretta and God had us bless more than just Loretta.
It reminded me of what Carol H. kept repeating at Teen Challenge when we where serving the food cause we didn’t think there would be enough to go around, there’s always more families that show up.  But Carol said she keep saying Fishes and Loaves, Fishes and Loaves as we where passing out the food.  And of course guess what!!  We where able to feed everyone there even the volunteers.
What a mighty God we have!!  We might be a small church but we sure have a BIG HEART!!
Thank you one and all!
See below.


Subject: Fwd: Loretta’s List

I just want to thank everybody for providing me with all the household items. You all are wonderful and beautiful people. I am very fortunate to belong to a church family that is very loving and kind. God bless you all!

Here is an up dated list of what I need still. Thank you so much! Loretta
Mop, dustpan, broom, full bed sheets and pillow cases, two pillows, full bed comforter, crock pot, , blender, mixer, cookie sheets, cupcake holders, grater.