David and Joyce Vandervoort met on a blind date.  David was working at Orange County Hospital as a “Sanitation Engineer,” more commonly known as a dishwasher.  Joyce’s brother also worked there and they became friends.  Her brother invited David and her on a double date.  When David first saw her, he knew he was going to marry her.

About eleven months after the blind date, they got engaged.  Three weeks after that David said, “Let’s get married!” Eight days later they were married.  They were married July 30, 1961. This coming July they celebrate their 57th Anniversary! 

Both David and Joyce were born in Oklahoma; he in Oklahoma City, and she in Potteau.  Joyce’s Mom had been teaching Sunday School when her “water broke” – a couple of months early.  She was rushed home where she was born.  The doctor told her Mom that Joyce would not live past three weeks.  She proved the doctor wrong with the help of the loving care her Mom gave.  She knows she is a “miracle baby.”  Her Dad died of cancer when she was 4 years old.  Her Mom married another man whose wife had died.  He brought 10 children to the marriage.  So altogether Joyce is one of 14 children.

David moved to California when he was 12, and Joyce when she was 16.  Joyce was raised in an Assembly of God church, and taught how to pray at a very early age.  David, on the other hand…

The Lord had been working in his life.  He knew he needed the Lord.  After their first date, Joyce asked if he would like to go to church with her.  She was shocked when he said, “Yes!”  The next week, he prayed, “Do what You what need to do Lord to keep me, this is a commitment for life.”  He was 20 years old.  And about a one month later he was “Baptized with the Holy Spirit.”  They started attending New Hope Assembly of God in Garden Grove.

They call themselves, “church hoppers.”  They have been a part of a total of 3 churches since they married.  Two of them were Assembly of God churches in Garden Grove.  When they attended Zach and Kris’ wedding here at WCA in 2000, they decided to make this their church home.  This July will be 18 years.  Why WCA? – “The People.”

David has worked for the same company for 56 years.  He worked fulltime for 44 years.  When he retired, they asked him to continue as a consultant.  He has continued in this role for the past 12 years.

They have three boys: David Jr, Mark, and John.  They lost a full term child just before delivery 4 years after Mark was born.  They were told they would never be able to have another child.  Joyce, responded with, “Well, I don’t know about that.”  Three years later John was born.

After John was born, she has had something like 16 surgeries. She says she has probably forgotten half of them.  She is thankful that she is as well off as she is.  She says, “No use to complain.”  She would like to walk, but is very thankful for her wheelchair.  Besides, she can now go faster than David.

And, of course, there is more to their story…