Jessica Homann was born in Fullerton, Ca on June 21, 1994 to Christian parents. 

Growing up, she went to church with her family at Calvary Chapel La Habra until she was in 5th grade, when they decided to move a smaller church community.

They attended Calvary Chapel Saving Grace for about 12 yrs.   At this church she became very involved in the youth group and missions. Every summer the youth would go to a camp called Quaker Meadow.  She remembers this was always an amazing opportunity to connect with Jesus. Those times are very precious to her because they were the beginning stages of her relationship with God. They shaped the foundation for her.  

Starting in High School, she began doing different outreaches with her church.  Her favorite ones were the homeless ministry and Mexico outreaches. Monday and Saturday mornings, the teams would go to Downtown Fullerton and pass out tracts and food. Mexico was also an amazing opportunity to help out with whatever was needed.  She learned a lot of life lessons such as, do not leave a purse in the car because people would break in and steal it. 

Another big part of her life was playing soccer. She played very competitively. Her weeks and weekends were filled with practices and games for two different teams. One of her goals was to play soccer in college.  In her senior year of High School, she had 8 different offers from universities. She made a commitment in March of her Senior year to attend Hope University. In April of that year she was seriously injured while playing a game. After many doctor visits, they told me that they couldn’t find anything wrong with her shoulder.

The next year, during a game for Hope University, the injury reoccurred. She had to have two surgeries on her shoulder: one for a torn rotator cuff, and the second, to screw her bicep into a different part of her shoulder, since it had become stuck between two bones. After surgery, she finished out her year at Hope University, and then made the difficult decision to leave and attend Junior College instead.

While she was attending Junior College, she started working at Heights Christian Schools. There, she has found an amazing job and a community of people she has become very close with.  She says these relationships have encouraged her to become a stronger and better person.  She is continuing to attend college – online. She is studying to become a Kindergarten Teacher at Heights Christian School.

A little over two years ago, she was invited to a Young Adults study that was starting up at Westminster Christian Assembly.  She loved the experience, and after a few months of attending the meetings, felt God calling her to join the WCA community she had been growing with. The past two years attending WCA and helping with the Young Adults has impacted her life greatly. She reports that God is doing amazing things in her life, and through her life.