Randy and Alice Hamlin have been a part of WCA since 1977 – well, actually she was.  Shortly after moving from the South Coast Plaza area to near where the mosque is, three Christian ladies from WCA were nice to Alice bringing things to her to help them settle in their new home.  One day they invited her to a ladies’ meeting.  She told Randy that that was “the last thing she wanted to do, but since they had been so nice to me, I guess I will have to go.”  She went and experienced such love, she gave her life to Jesus very shortly after. 

Randy was saved at the age of 10, but quickly learned that the “Christianity” he was in was not for him.  All the things he loved to do, he wasn’t supposed to do. All it was, was “Don’t do this, don’t do that.”  Shortly after Alice started attending WCA, he started going to SS with her.  Then he would hurry to get back home in time for NFL.  He started helping with the building of the church.  And one day while working on the rooftop, he rededicated his life to the Lord.

They started teaching the Junior High class when Carly was in Junior High.  They taught Young Adults when Dan Fick became the pastor.  Randy has also served as an Elder.  She works with our children and is also known as “Commander Grammy” to our Royal Rangers.

They met while at Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR.  He was the boyfriend of her girlfriend.  He could always be found in the Commons playing Bridge.  (And you can imagine that after they got married she had to learn how to play Bridge).  During the 1967 Christmas break, he and she stayed at Oregon State. His girlfriend went home to SF for Christmas.

He worked in a grocery store, and she went down to buy some food thinking she could borrow money from him for food. She “borrowed” $5 from him.  She learned later it was his last $5.00. He says the $5.00 was an investment.  He needed tuition for the next term, so he borrowed $90.00 from her.  As a statistician he claims he made an 1800 % profit.

They started going together in January and married that June.  They were going to get married in September, after she graduated, but they decided it did not make sense to live apart just so she could finish the semester, so they got married in June.  She claims he married her for her TV, because he never had one at this house.  They were married June 10, 1968.  This coming June they will celebrate 50 years of marriage!

After earning a 2nd Masters in Graduate School, he sent out 50 job applications, with 47 immediate rejections.  This was during a period when jobs were becoming quite scarce.  He received a rejection letter from Ohio, but a couple of weeks later was hired by them.  After a couple of years, he was able to get a job in Fullerton with Hunt Wesson Foods.  Because their family was in Oregon, they would have moved back there, but there were no jobs there.  We are thankful.

And, of course, there is more to their story…