Forward from Jen Schoening:

Our friend, Michelle, is having brain surgery again.  They discovered the mass that they were not able to remove was growing, so they need to go back in a remove it. The surgery is scheduled for Friday of this week, July 27.  Here are some of the things that they would love for us to be praying for:
-God to be glorified in this transaction.
-We need prayer for the surgeon: His hands to be guided with God’s wisdom, to know how far to go without inflicting damage.
-prayer for our marriage, that we would stand unified looking to God for our strength. Cause’ we ain’t gettin’ it from our vitamix.
-our babes. pray they will adjust well, and we will figure out enough activities for them to do in the middle of summer to keep em busy.
-Prayer for preparations to make a smooth transition from hospital to home to recover.
-smooth and speedy recovery.