Junior Bible Quiz

JBQ is a great opportunity for the young people of our church to get into the Word. The district JBQ programs offer a structured team competition format as well as in-depth study of God’s Word.

The purpose of the JBQ program is to:

  • Encourage, by systematic study, an in-depth understanding of God’s Word among young people;
  • Motivate youth to memorize and make daily application of the Word;
  • Cultivate, through competition, a proper attitude toward winning and losing;
  • Provide opportunity for discipleship to take place among youth so that they will reflect the Spirit of Christ in attitude and action; and
  • Provide, through travel and competition, opportunities to expand Christian fellowship.

The SoCAL Network sponsors Monthly Meets (October-March) that offer both competition and fellowship. Together with team practices these opportunities allow each church to create a discipleship/small group program catered specifically to the needs of their students.