I have two prayer requests that involve cancer

First my mom’s best friend Roxi is having a hard time her husband has been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer attached in the middle of his lungs
His name is Jimmy (Radar) Johnson doctors say he is to skinny to operate on so doing chemo & radiation will shrink it down & give him a better chance they gave him about 18 months & his response has been if that’s all he has he doesn’t want to spend it doing treatments so please pray for both of them

Second my brother’s best friend since middle school is doing chemo & radiation. My brother told me that his mom doesn’t want anyone to know he has only 4 months to live, I pray that God is with him as he faces his last months
The doctors found 64 tumors throughout his body they could only remove like 20 of them, its taken over his liver & continuing to deteriate his body
He is living with his dad who is taking care of him until he passes
Please pray for him & his family in this difficult time
I purposely did not provide any names because God is all knowing & this family wants extreme privacy so I’d like to respect their wishes, but still get help with prayers

Thank you for your time & consideration