I have  waited to put this request in until I had more info.  I would like prayer for my dad Phil Wentz.  He has been battling small skin cancers for years (mostly topical carcinomas).  He recently discovered a lump behind his left ear which is a Squamous (Skwey-mus) skin cancer tumor that has traveled to surround the left lymph node also. He is blessed to have some really good doctors.  Surgery is tentatively scheduled for Monday 7/21/14 at the USC Medical Center to remove the tumor as well as the affected lymph node. Radiation treatment will follow about a month after surgery.  No chemotherapy treatment is anticipated to be needed. I pray he remains physically and mentally strong throughout this process, that all goes as smoothly as anticipated, and he and all involved will feel God’s amazing, guiding presence during this journey.
Thank you all so much.
Carolyn W