From Barbara, …my ex, Ron, who lives in Oregon and has Alzheimer’s Disease (pretty bad from what I hear) has taken off, to God only knows where. People have said that he has been saying that he “knew” that he has family in California. He doesn’t have any money, no I.D., cannot find the toilet in his own home, no jacket, only dressed in jeans and a tee shirt. The local police have sent out search parties, helicopters, ATVs and have notified two other Counties close by. His step-daughter, Barbara, has posted all info and picture on Facebook, and I hear that several people have responded but no Ron so far. This is the 4th day. His wife is going crazy and so are his children. Please say prayers for him and family. Love Ya

My friend Babara and her children live here in O.C.
Thank you for your prayers, will let you know when they find him.