Ruth Rouleau’s daughter who lives in Virginia, and her two girls were involved in a car accident on Monday afternoon.  They were hit on the drivers side.  The girls are okay with some bumps and bruises, but Rebekah was in great back pain and was taken to the hospital.  There they found she has a fractured pelvis and was transferred to Kaiser for followup as she is also 7 weeks pregnant.  It was determined through sonogram that the baby is doing well and suffered no apparent ill effects from the accident.  They further decided that she should not go through surgery at this time and will wait for the bones to naturally heal together.  She is going to be moved to a rehab facility for about a week due to the fact that she lives in a condo with stairs and her husband has to work.  They also want to monitor the healing because of the added stress of the baby growing within her pelvis area.  Continue to pray for this family.  Praise God they have extended family in the area who are close to them and are taking care of the girls.