Re: Ruth’s mother in law Barbara.

Mom has been unable to put very much weight on her left knee which was confirmed by xray to have osteoarthritis which we already knew.  We have had to switch to a wheelchair in the house instead of walker and have to help her up and down off chair, bed, toilet, etc.  We cannot get wheelchair into bathroom so have to help her in and out.  Today my son and grandson are coming over to help get her down the steps so we can go be with the family for Easter.   Both babies are walking now so it should be interesting.
We have found a board and care facility close by in a community where several of our church members plus the pastor and his wife live.  The care givers and nurse that live on premesis are Christians and came over yesterday to talk to her and us.  Of course she is not very happy but seems resigned to the fact.  She will have her own bed, recliner and personal items like pictures, etc. which seemed to make her happy.
Please pray for her and us as we are exhausted physically, mentally, emotionally.   Please share with my WCA family.   Love you all.