So an update and prayer request on my condition. I went to Dr on 8/6 and found out I had a foot ulcer on left foot; I was admitted to hospital. They ran tests and found out it was only in the soft tissue PTL…should have been able to come home by weekend; Well the antibiotic they gave me for the infection caused kidneys to fail. They took me off it and we decided to let my body just try to flush it out. It did the job and 1 week later I was able to go home. The kidney damage also caused my sugar levels to drop to a dangerous 48 and they had trouble bringing it up. I was closed to ICU and possible coma. I am now home Went to followup today. Sore is healing but not fast enough. Still have a long while till it is better due to my diabetes. I also found out that I have very bad blood circulation and I am being sent to a vascular surgeon for testing. Please keep me in your prayers that this can all be fixed with no lasting effects. Also pray for my husband Tom. I do not know what I would do without him. He is the best caretaker I could ever have but I know he gets tired.