Tom and IAbout Me:

  • Place of Birth: I was born in the Toledo, OH.  I came to California when I was 15
  • Family Information: I have been married for 17 years.  Even though Tom and I have no children we have plenty of them in our lives.
  • How did I come to WCA? I came to 35 years ago with my grandmother and aunt.  WCA has been a family to me these 35 years so it is more of a home to me than just a church.
  • Who is my favorite Bible character, and how do I identify with him/her? My favorite character is Job.  I relate to him in that my family and I have gone through many trials but I continue to trust that God knows what he is doing and has never let me down.
  • If I could only have one book to read (other than the Bible) , what would it be, and why? Between my job, family and church life it does not leave me much time to read.  When I do have a chance to read I read a lot of books related to my career in project management.
  • What makes me laugh? My husband, Tom
  • What is my role at WCA? I have the fun role at WCA as Activities Director.  I love to serve people and to organize activities and events that bring believers together in fun and fellowship.
  • What is my favorite part of my role here? Cooking for the events.  As we all know Christians love to eat.  To quote my very first pastor at WCA, Pastor Carlson, we meet to eat and eat to meet.