Forward From Kris:

Wendy and Andrew have been living with roommates for the past 2 1/2 years. People have been in and out, but she and another girl have been consistent. She got the word  that someone is moving out. They will have two empty rooms the first of February. They can’t afford this, so she asked that we put them on the prayer chain.

God is so good! They got one roommate, and they potentially have another.  Someone is coming over tonight to be interviewed.  Wendy was also robbed a couple of weeks ago.  (The Tuesday that we had the week of prayer.) The person did not steal valuable things, but they were sentimental to Wendy.  The police called Wendy, and they caught the guy.  This morning she was able to retrieve her things.  God is so faithful.  Please continue to pray, but thank you for your faithfulness.  God hears our prayers. =)
Love you all,